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huh? whats that you say

everything happens for a reason

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July 5th, 2007

(no subject)

hello there everyone! sorry i haven't written in a long time i have been super busy with school and stuff. One of my classes just ended so now i have more time for my other class. I have to say that i am actually enjoying the computer class that i am taking. I know how to use a computer, but with this class i am learning so much about certain programs that i can access. The only thing that i don't like is that i am using a mac laptop and everyone else is using a pc. My dad is so funny. He refuses to buy anything other than a mac. Anyway i have only two assignments left which is great but the bad thing is that i have to go to my school to do the assignment because i don't have the application that i need on my computer. Well i will keep ya updated. But i am so happy taht the summer is here and i can relax and have a bit of fun!!! wohoo!!

June 25th, 2007

(no subject)

hello there! well it is the beginning of the week but it is still a party here haha. i only have one class to go to now and then i am done. so i didn;t go to bed last night until 3 in the am. i know it sounds nuts but last night i slept from 7-11 so when i got up i am not tired. so i got up at 12 this afternoon. just like any other day i watch the shows that i recorded the night before. it is so much better to watch shows when they are recorded because i can skip commercials. i hate commericals. anway so after i had my tv fix, i started on an assignment that is due thursday. i hope i can finnish it on time. really  i am not worried because i do have four more days, and the assignment is due by 11 pm so i also have the whole day of thursday so hopefully everything will work out alright. well i should go get some sleep. later.

June 24th, 2007

(no subject)

oh my, today is sunday which means i have to get back to work tom :( well not really i am going to be home anyway cause i don't have class on mondays. well this morning it was so hard to get up. i must have been really tired cause my body felt like it was never going to anywhere today. well i did get up and i went to work for 5 hours which is good. when i got home i went to my parents room i saw that my mom is still not feeling well. i am worried that she is sick or something. a couple years ago she was sick for a whole week straight- it was a ear ache. anyway so i had to make dinner and everthing. it isn;t a big deal i like to cook. well i hope that she feels better tom or else i am going to have to go and get groceries for the week haha. well now i am going to go do some homework and hopefully get a good nights sleep.

June 23rd, 2007

saturday june 23/07

oh my, today was the worst day ever. right now i feel like i am going to fall over from lack of sleep. i had to get up at 6:30 this morning (in canada) because i had to make sure that i had a shower before my exam. yah i know what you are thinking a exam on a saturday but ya i had one. it wasn't so bad but i will tell you that before i wrote it i felt like i was going to puke.
well after the exam i had to go to work but really i felt so sick that i didn;t want to go. my dad said taht i could go home for a while and sleep so i did. i woke up and went back to work.
after work my family and i went to the half moon which is a restaurant outside the city that i live in. so we went and my mom got sick. i didn;t get the kind of hotdog that i wanted :(. anyway so when i got home i helped clean the kitchen for my mom and now i am writing this blog and watching finding nemo of tv. so later

June 22nd, 2007

friday june 22/07

well today is friday which is really good. i love the weekends, but i have an exam tomorrow that i am not looking forward too. i am going to try and write in this every night so i can keep up with things. hopefully everything will go well tom and i can party it up!
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